Vehicle Acquistion

Customized Strategies for Building Your Fleet

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Vehicle Acquisition

Building a fleet of vehicles for your company is time consuming and expensive. Without a trusted partner, like Onward, you may miss out on manufacturer discounts, special finance options, and access to the best vehicle upgrades and upfitting options for your fleet. Onward crafts vehicle acquisition solutions tailored to your business’ needs. We unlock OEM, or Original Equipment Manufacturer, discounts far beyond what retailers can provide and connect you with flexible financing options that boost your bottom line.

Getting Started

Building Your Fleet with Purpose and Sustainability

Fleet vans in a rowWith Onward Fleet’s qualified professionals driving our vehicle acquisition process, you’re given dedicated advisors that provide industry insights to guide your vehicle selection, allowing the vehicle acquisition process to be streamlined and efficient. We unlock Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) discounts far beyond what retailers can provide and connect you with flexible financing options that boost your bottom line.

Onward’s dedicated team of truck and equipment specialists offers consultative advice backed by decades of experience and innovative online tools to increase the operating efficiency of your fleet. Our experts provide you with end-to-end fleet vehicle ordering support, from consultation through title and registration.

Each unit has a special and specific job in your fleet – and choosing the right one is the key to minimizing your costs while maximizing the asset's productivity. Through site visits and observations, our unit acquisition specialists consult with you on your asset needs to ensure you select the right units for the job.

Our acquisition procedures give you end-to-end ordering support for your car, light and medium-duty fleets from consultation through title and registration:

  • Conduct vehicle lifecycle and operating cost analysis
  • Determine the best time to replace vehicles to minimize depreciation and maximize resale price
  • Build fleet profiles for all cars and light trucks
  • Individual vehicle asset management and supply chain tracking tools
  • Upfitting vehicles to be equipped with with specialized parts and tools that match your businesses needs
  • Title and registration management
  • Minimized downtime by locating a trustworthy vehicle maintenance vendor
  • The option to add vendors to our network, further streamlining your business operations
  • Negotiated pricing at the local and national levels
  • Access to special manufacturer and standard warranties
Finance, Lease, or Buy?
Upfitting Your Fleet Vehicles