Future-Proofing Fleets

Explore “what’s next” for the fleet
management industry

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Future-Proofing Fleets

Explore “what’s next” for the fleet management industry

A key aspect of our “onward and upward” mentality is our relentless focus on what’s next. We know that our customers are interested in how telematics, big data, autonomous vehicles and other challenges will shape the future of their fleets.

We also know it’s difficult for them to devote time to tackling these issues alone. Onward helps businesses rise to these challenges with R&D that relentlessly explores a key question:

“What can we do today to ensure our fleets are prepared for the future?”



Through our “best in class” telematics partnership, we help our customers clear the confusion on how to manage their assets remotely—and achieve a strategy that leverages this technology to its fullest potential.



With the rise of ride-sharing, the Total Cost of Ownership model of the past is getting a run for its money. We help our clients explore the value of measuring their Total Cost of Mobility through flexible strategies that maximize utilization and reflect where vehicle habits are headed.


Safety Technology

By leveraging telematics and big data, savvy fleets are gaining new levels of visibility into safety issues such as driver behavior and driving records. As safety technology continues to evolve, you might have heard some folks promising to create a “zero accident” world. Onward is invested in finding realistic, attainable ways for our customers to use data and automation to enhance fleet safety by providing reminders and other safety triggers before incidents occur.


Data integration

We help our customers transform mountains of raw data into insights that actually move the needle for their operations. No matter which Onward solutions you choose for your fleet, data is the foundation. We’re continually exploring ways that predictive analytics can streamline maintenance and more.