Expect More. Go Onward.

Discover the Onward story

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Expect More. Go Onward.

Discover the Onward story

Onward Fleet Solutions was launched with one vision: to be the partner that delivers more. We make good on that promise by connecting customers with a full-service solution customized to the needs of their fleets at every stage of the life cycle.

Proudly based in Oklahoma City, Onward Fleet Solutions was founded by Tim Denny, an entrepreneur who has experienced both the potential and shortcomings of fleet management firsthand. Rather than settle for status quo, he sought out to find a better way.

Onward is home to experienced fleet optimizers, “best in class” industry partners and customers ready to maximize their fleet’s potential.

  • A full-service approach that spots opportunities and closes gaps across the fleet lifecycle.
  • Proven expertise in every service area, each one driving even more value for Onward customer.
  • A commitment to delivering customized solutions for fleets of all sizes— including smaller fleets often left behind by the market.
  • An “onward” mentality that forges strong relationships with strategic partners and clients.

Our Founder

An entrepreneur with a vision

Tim Denny

Tim Denny
Founder & CEO

Tim Denny knows fleets because he’s spent the last decade managing them.

A seasoned executive, Tim has led strategic planning, business development, contract negotiations and other critical business operations initiatives in the energy and automotive industries. At the heart of that experience is his track record for optimizing fleet operations.

Tim’s comprehensive understanding of fleet management is a rarity in the industry. The leader’s retail fleet experience gives Onward unique insight into its customer’s needs and pain points—firsthand knowledge more valuable than any market research study. His finance background drives the company’s focus on delivering quantifiable value, and his deep bench of fleet partnerships ensures that Onward’s offering is unsurpassed in the industry. From supply chain management and IT advancements to contract negotiations and cost control, the Oklahoma native delivers a “jack of all trades” approach that reflects the diversity and complexity of fleet management itself.

But Tim’s most important contribution is his vision for always embracing an upward trajectory. As Founder and CEO, he leverages his proven experience, winning partnerships and vision to ensure everyone who interacts with the Onward brand does just that.



Janelle Cox
Director – Business Operations

Janelle Cox has customer success in her DNA. With more than a decade in the automotive industry and a continuous improvement mentality, she’s the ideal expert to spearhead our operations. Our clients know Janelle as a skilled project manager, a seasoned customer service professional and a keen communicator. But above all else, she’s an upbeat relationship builder determined to help our clients and partners succeed. As Onward’s Operations Director, she helps shape every aspect of our customer experience, from onboarding to ongoing optimizations that continually help them go onward and upward.

Read our interview with Janelle.


Chad Bowlan
Director - Fleet Operations

Chad Bowlan has dedicated his career to supply chain management and serving customers. With 25 years’ experience in the supply chain industry, he’s naturally a people person always putting customers first. As Onward’s Fleet Operations Director, Chad’s focus is helping customers achieve their goals with competent planning, organization and a solutions-oriented approach for growth. He’s an unconventional thinker, able to dig into data and analytics to enhance contract management, vendor relations, financial modeling and inventory management. Chad’s inquisitive and critical thinking abilities provide the perfect formula for delivering results.

Kristen Cunningham

Kristen Cunningham
Operations Coordinator

Kristen Cunningham has extensive experience working with executives and possesses a keen understanding for business administration. With a diverse background in finance, sales, and employer development, Kristen effectively recognizes the tasks at hand and works diligently to ensure the job is done successfully. As Operations Coordinator, Kristen executes Onward Fleet's logistics strategy and ensures appropriate staffing, organization, and supply procedures are in place. She skillfully manages and tracks projects, adjusts workflow, and possesses a sharp eye for efficiency and productivity. Diligent, meticulous, and a key collaborator, Kristen is an effective communicator who delivers consistency in every aspect of operations whilst maintaining clear operational guides for the clients we serve.


Our Mission and Values

On the up and up, together

Our Founder’s most influential mentor had a common saying: “Onward and Upward.” No matter the market situation, he always motivated his team to be better and push toward greatness. This mantra was central to team meetings. It was infused into our discussions on goals and milestones. And soon, it began to guide us all to do better and be better, both in our business and personal lives. The simplicity and power of those three words stuck.

When it came time to launch our fleet management company, we used the opportunity to pay homage to a great mentor and an even greater business philosophy. This mission, “Onward and Upward,” is embodied in our name, and it’s also deep in our DNA. Explore the values that drive us to always think bigger and be better.



We deliver on our word—on time, every time.



We move quickly to exceed our customers’ expectations. We deliver value-add solutions that enhance bottom lines today and into the future.



We’re fueled by our customers and partners. We know that partnership means respecting differing opinions, customizing our offering and operating from a place of trust.



We have a relentless drive to Go Onward—for the benefit of our partners, customers and the industry as a whole. We continually seek out ways to be better. Because at Onward, progress is a mindset, not an endpoint.

Our Partners

Proof that there’s power in numbers

Onward partners with like-minded companies that share our passion for delivering measurable value for fleets of all sizes. From telematics to accident management, ride sharing, upfitting, financing and beyond, our partners are redefining “best in class”—and helping us keep Onward customers on the up and up.

Interested in exploring how we can drive progress together? Let’s talk.