Don’t Go it Alone. Go Onward.

Optimizing your cost per mile with a
full-service approach

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Don’t Go it Alone. Go Onward.

Gone are the days of wondering whether your fleet management partner can really deliver on its promises. With Onward, you get the total package: customized solutions that optimize your fleet and an “onward” mentality that puts your experience in the driver’s seat.

With Onward, you get a full-service partner, not a takeover. We amplify your in-house capabilities, identifying cost savings that make you the hero in your company.

Like vehicles themselves, a corporate fleet program includes many moving parts. And “management” is just the beginning. For a fleet to run at its best, every detail of your strategy—from acquisition and maintenance to disposition—needs to be continually updated and optimized. In a business landscape growing more competitive by the minute, in-house teams often lack the resources to truly maximize fleet performance and value. Still, the idea of relinquishing control can understandably leave teams feeling less than enthusiastic.

By choosing to go Onward, our customers get a full-service partner fueled by a relentless drive to help them succeed. We take the time to understand your business’ needs before advising on solutions. We spot value-add opportunities and close crucial gaps across the fleet life cycle. We deliver customized strategies for fleets of all sizes—including smaller ones often overlooked by other providers. We forge strong relationships with our customers and with strategic partners who deliver exponential value. And through it all, we continually update our offering to ensure our clients always Go Onward.


Our Solutions

Explore the full-service approach unlocking exponential value.

Competitive lease rates. A strong telematics partner. A great database. On their own, each of these capabilities is important. But when it comes to selecting a fleet management partner, being good at one or two things isn’t good enough. At Onward, every solution in our wheelhouse is executed by proven experts guaranteed to get the job done right. Our team uses analytics and telematics to see the full picture. We connect more dots, close more gaps and, as a result, deliver more value.

Whether our customers need a mix of solutions or partner with Onward for full-service fleet management, we deliver actionable analytics and reporting customized to their business’ needs.


Fuel Management

Save Money. Regain Control

Research shows that fuel costs are a primary concern among in-house fleet managers. With the rise of electric vehicles and alternative fuel sources, “future-proofed” strategies are more important than ever. Leverage our exclusive partnerships to join cost-saving fuel programs and, more importantly, gain visibility into your fleet purchases. Optimize your fuel type and fuel costs, track your fuel economy and finally know what you’re really spending per mile.


Vehicle Safety/Compliance

Ironing Out the Complexities

Driver safety. DOT regulations. Licensing and titling. Accident protocol. Driver safety. No matter your industry, location or vehicle-specific needs, trust us to navigate the vehicle safety and compliance landscape while you do what you do best. The strength of Onward’s partnerships gives you the assurance that you’ve always got the latest safety technology on your side. Use our telematics platform to tap into the power of predictive and prescriptive analytics.


Fleet Consulting

Fine-Tune Every Aspect of Your Fleet’s Performance

Our team is home to seasoned fleet managers, but we also know the retail side of the coin. We leverage that expertise to provide high-impact consulting—the kind that delivers real value. Trust Onward for guidance on fleet staffing sourcing, alternative fuel vehicle strategy, mobility, outsourced fleet management and optimizing vehicle utilization.