Our Top Fleet Insights From NAFA 2024

NAFA 2024 conference insights for fleet managers

Last month, more than 2,000 fleet professionals flocked to San Antonio for the NAFA Fleet Management Association’s annual conference. According to NAFA, attendees hailed from nearly all 50 states, 6 Canadian provinces and 16 countries, as well as all the major sectors of the fleet industry. Talk about a true meeting of the minds —…

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A Fleet Manager’s Guide to Getting Maximum Remarketing Value

Fleet Manager Tips for Remarketing

When purchasing assets, fleet managers tend to take a well-planned approach. And for good reason: The right mix of features, and the right buying or leasing strategy, can unlock significant value. That value extends well beyond the purchase or lease price alone; it also impacts the total cost of ownership (TCO) over the entire life…

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How to Winterize Your Fleet for Enhanced Safety and Performance

A Fleet Manager's Guide to Preparing Vehicles for Winter

This year’s El Niño winter is expected to bring cool, wet weather to the U.S. south and warmer, dryer weather to the north. But no matter where your fleet is located, winterization is critical. Now is the time to get serious about preparing your fleet vehicles for harsh, icy weather and whatever else Mother Nature…

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Looking to Optimize Your Operations and Cost? Start With a Fleet Assessment.

Why your fleet needs a fleet assessment

There are more moving parts in fleet management than ever before — and we’re not just talking about your assets themselves. Amid never-ending data and day-to-day operational demands, even the most diligent fleet managers can miss opportunities for creating new efficiencies. That’s where our Fleet Assessment comes in.  Onward’s experts have worked as in-house fleet…

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Navigate DOT Audits With Onward

DOT Audits Guide for Commercial Fleets

Over the last decade, the likelihood of receiving a Department of Transportation (DOT) audit has increased. But just because they’re more common doesn’t make them any less of a hassle. Audits typically come with no notice, which can leave busy fleet managers scrambling to complete all necessary documentation — and no matter the audit type,…

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[Chart]: Many 2023 Vehicle Ordering Windows Are Opening Soon

When it comes to vehicle acquisition, fleets have a few clear routes: ordering from the factory, purchasing from dealer stock or leasing. Many fleets are exploring leasing to secure more favorable financing terms and reduce acquisition costs; we’ll talk all about leasing in a blog post coming next month. But for fleets looking to purchase…

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Why ‘Go Onward?’ Explore Our Approach to Fleet Solutions

How to find the right fleet management company

In a recent large-scale survey, global fleet managers said they hoped to shave 5.5% from their costs this year. In the U.S., we’re finally experiencing some good news after two years of pandemic-driven uncertainty. But the fleet management landscape is ever-evolving, and reducing the cost per mile takes a nuanced, dynamic approach. What does that…

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2023 Fleet Industry Trends: Finally, Some Good News

2023 Fleet Management Trends

As the fleet industry settles into Q1, we’re already seeing several dynamics take shape. Some, like supply chain issues and labor shortages, are stubborn holdovers from the pandemic years. But others, like a slew of upcoming EV incentives, are providing some much-needed good news for the fleet industry. And after a three-year wild ride, we…

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