Your Fleet Foundation Checklist

Fleet Management Company Oklahoma

Fleet management systems. Telematics. GPS. Data from numerous sources. As technology continues to move fleet management forward, managers have to oversee more moving parts than ever in their quest to optimize their total cost of ownership (TCO). But managers are also being challenged to do more with less. In this market dynamic, it’s essential to…

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The 4 Must-Know Fleet Management Trends of 2021

2021 Fleet Management Trends

By now, your 2021 planning is in the rearview mirror. You’ve got your strategy set and are busy navigating the new year. But if we know one thing about fleet management, it’s this: hitting “cruise control” isn’t going to help you optimize your total cost of ownership (TCO) or enhance your efficiency. Simply put, the…

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4 Ways to Optimize Your Small or Medium-Sized Fleet

Tips for Optimizing Your Fleet TCO

When you’re managing a small or medium-sized fleet, time is of the essence. Simply overseeing day-to-day operations is a full-time job—let alone measuring and optimizing your TCO. Luckily, there are simple best practices that you can implement today to optimize your costs, even if you’re short on resources. Explore these tips for optimizing your small…

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How Are You Calculating Your Fleet’s True TCO?

Calculating Your Fleet's TCO

It’s hard to think of a term more ingrained in the fleet manager’s lexicon than Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). And for good reason: if you know your TCO, you know what you’re really spending per asset. That data opens the door to optimizations that can raise your value–and lower your TCO–even further But what…

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Now is the Time to Turbocharge Your Fleet Remarketing Strategy

Remarketing strategies for fleet managers

By now, we’ve all read the economic forecasts. We’ve all pivoted to address COVID-19 restrictions, and we’ve all scoured our fleets for new efficiencies. But as the nation slowly starts to open up again, there’s another dynamic on the minds of many fleet managers: how to handle excess inventory and vehicles coming off lease. Luckily,…

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