Looking to Optimize Your Operations and Cost? Start With a Fleet Assessment.

Why your fleet needs a fleet assessment

There are more moving parts in fleet management than ever before — and we’re not just talking about your assets themselves. Amid never-ending data and day-to-day operational demands, even the most diligent fleet managers can miss opportunities for creating new efficiencies. That’s where our Fleet Assessment comes in. 

Onward’s experts have worked as in-house fleet managers, and we designed our Fleet Assessment to support you in that critical role. Through this data-driven process, we identify where your fleet is succeeding, where you can make optimizations and which changes to prioritize based on your fleet’s goals. Our goal? To uncover cost savings, internal efficiencies and optimizations that make you the hero in your company.

The elements of Onward’s Fleet Assessment

During the Fleet Assessment process, our experts leave no stone unturned. We take a multi-phase approach to uncovering a comprehensive view of your fleet, drawing from immense data and expertise to deliver strategic recommendations. Our process includes:

  • An information-gathering phase in which we conduct interviews with leadership and field personnel, identify key objectives and stakeholders, and establish short- and long-term goals that will guide our strategic recommendations
  • Robust data analysis, during which we immerse ourselves in all aspects of your program data, including but not limited to OEM and fleet management master services agreements, current policies, ESG goals, GPS/telematics requirements, and lease schedules, fees and termination language 
  • Invoice auditing against executed agreements and formalized service-level agreements, over a 60-to-90 day period
  • A recommendations phase, during which we deliver a high-level summary of our findings, including process documentation, invoice audit results, detailed uplift specs per vehicle class, reporting requirements, recommendations and a strategic roadmap with quantifiable metrics

Once we deliver our Fleet Assessment summary, we collaborate with all relevant stakeholders to align on the best path forward. It’s our way of ensuring you reap the full value from this in-depth report — and turn its recommendations into proven optimizations.

Our value-driven approach

Whether you’re looking to reduce your total cost of ownership (TCO) or achieve other fleet KPIs, trust Onward’s Fleet Assessment to help you move the needle. Our process is unbiased, data-driven, agile and tailored to your organization’s operational and financial objectives. 

An experienced team

When you partner with Onward for your Fleet Assessment, you’ll be working with experts who have been in your shoes. We understand the challenges you face as an in-house manager and tailor our recommendations to these dynamics. 

In addition to seasoned in-house fleet managers, our team is also home to automotive retail experts, operations leaders, finance executives and a network of world-class partners across all key fleet solution areas. This unmatched breadth and depth of experience allows us to identify more areas for optimization — and provide proactive next steps to help you turn recommendations into reality.

An unbiased deep dive

We used an unbiased eye to explore every aspect of your fleet program. Our goal is to help you get a transparent view of your fleet’s strengths and weaknesses so that you can achieve measurable cost savings. Your success drives us; that’s our only horse in the race.

Data-driven recommendations

We don’t operate on hunches. Instead, we pour over data to analyze your program’s strengths and offer specific recommendations. By pairing data-driven insights with our domain expertise in fleet management, we deliver an assessment that you can trust to be sound, unbiased and packed with value.

Alignment of business objectives with fleet best practices

We understand that your fleet must meet key financial and operational objectives. That’s why we take the time to understand your organization’s unique goals and dynamics before beginning our assessment. In your final report, we align these objectives with fleet best practices and provide an implementation strategy tailored to your corporation’s needs. We’re experts at designing phased approaches to achieving your goals.

Quantifiable metrics 

Rather than deliver high-level recommendations, we provide specific actions that will help your fleet optimize its operations and TCO. We pair these strategic next steps with metrics that equip you to measure your fleet’s progress. 

A nimble mindset

In today’s ever-evolving business landscape, agility is more critical than ever. If your company undergoes significant changes or shifts its goals, we adapt quickly to ensure that your Fleet Assessment provides the most accurate, up-to-date insights and recommendations. We have our finger on the industry’s pulse and are continually fine-tuning our approach to keep fleets a step ahead of the market’s shifts. 

Are you ready to get an unbiased, in-depth analysis of your fleet’s biggest opportunities for optimization? Let’s talk about your goals and how Onward’s Fleet Assessment can help you achieve them.