A Fleet Manager’s Guide to Getting Maximum Remarketing Value

Fleet Manager Tips for Remarketing

When purchasing assets, fleet managers tend to take a well-planned approach. And for good reason: The right mix of features, and the right buying or leasing strategy, can unlock significant value. That value extends well beyond the purchase or lease price alone; it also impacts the total cost of ownership (TCO) over the entire life…

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How to Winterize Your Fleet for Enhanced Safety and Performance

A Fleet Manager's Guide to Preparing Vehicles for Winter

This year’s El Niño winter is expected to bring cool, wet weather to the U.S. south and warmer, dryer weather to the north. But no matter where your fleet is located, winterization is critical. Now is the time to get serious about preparing your fleet vehicles for harsh, icy weather and whatever else Mother Nature…

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[Chart]: Many 2023 Vehicle Ordering Windows Are Opening Soon

When it comes to vehicle acquisition, fleets have a few clear routes: ordering from the factory, purchasing from dealer stock or leasing. Many fleets are exploring leasing to secure more favorable financing terms and reduce acquisition costs; we’ll talk all about leasing in a blog post coming next month. But for fleets looking to purchase…

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How is Telematics Used in Fleet Management?


Q: What do you get when you combine communications, computer science, vehicular technology, and electrical engineering? A: Telematics.    Telematics combines several areas of expertise to ensure that your drivers are safe and your fleet is operating at maximum efficiency. Telematics plays a vital role in every stage of a fleet vehicle’s life cycle by…

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Going Electric with Your Fleet

Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles (EVs) have been mass produced on the market since the 90s, but they are only now just gaining in popularity. Many companies have pledged to go all electric in the next 15 years, which means that more varieties of electric and hybrid vehicles are becoming available. With no end in sight for increasing…

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Fuel Management for Fleets

Optimizing Fuel Management

Anyone who has ever operated a fleet is familiar with the substantial operating costs. Even with technological advances that have reduced consumption, fuel is still responsible for a large portion of operating costs. Because of this, there are big opportunities for savings if fuel consumption is monitored and optimized. Monitor Your Drivers Monitoring driver behavior…

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Leasing vs. Buying a Fleet Vehicle

Buying or Leasing written on dice

The decision to lease or buy your fleet of vehicles… what is better for your business? The truth is, nobody can make that decision for you. The best option for you and your business is going to be wholly dependent on your specific scenario. There are, however, pros and cons associated with both options and…

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Top 10 Benefits of a Fleet Management Partner

Fleet Trucks

Businesses across many industries utilize commercial vehicles to transport people and products every day. These vehicles are often one of the most expensive assets. Because of this, effective fleet management keeps your business running smoothly. Effective systems, processes and tools will benefit you in a number of ways. 1) Find the right vehicles for your…

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