Fuel Management for Fleets

Optimizing Fuel Management

Anyone who has ever operated a fleet is familiar with the substantial operating costs. Even with technological advances that have reduced consumption, fuel is still responsible for a large portion of operating costs. Because of this, there are big opportunities for savings if fuel consumption is monitored and optimized.

Monitor Your Drivers

Monitoring driver behavior is an effective first step at reducing fuel costs. Behaviors such as irregular gear changes, hard brakes, and driving over the speed limit can have negative impacts on fuel consumption. Getting drivers motivated and on board with good driving practices is essential for a fleet to run smoothly. Not only will it create better drivers, but it will also reduce your fuel costs.

Plan Routes Ahead

Planning efficient and direct routes can also help reduce fuel costs. As a general rule-of-thumb, planning ahead is never a bad idea and when it comes to knowing the best routes for your fleet to take, this remains true. Knowing how to avoid traffic and where to stop for fuel should be done while making routes. By avoiding traffic vehicles will spend less time idling and wasting fuel. Telematics are helpful in planning journeys and routes. Being able to monitor and track vehicles can help to avoid congestion.

Maintain Vehicles

Making sure that vehicles are serviced and maintained is another way to make sure that fuel costs are being mitigated. Even small issues such as incorrect tire pressure can result in steep decreases in fuel economy. Making sure that drivers carry out daily walk around checks and having vehicles serviced regularly will mitigate the chances of excess fuel consumption due to mechanical malfunction.

Maximize Savings

Considering how fuel is purchased will be important as well. Whether it is buying in bulk at wholesale prices or utilizing choosing to use fuel cards, regularly reviewing fuel purchasing options is beneficial to making sure that you are keeping costs as low as possible. By staying on top of this, you will ensure that you are always getting the best deal.

Work with a Trusted Fleet Management Partner

Managing fuel costs is absolutely essential when operating a fleet. Utilizing a fleet management service can help with all of the above strategies and techniques involved with reducing fuel costs. For information on how you can help your fleet cut down on fuel costs, visit our contact page and get connected with an expert that can help you.