Overview of DOT Compliance

Compliance, Rules and Regulations Gears Turning

Operating a fleet involves a lot more than simply putting a driver behind the wheel of a vehicle and sending them on a route. Every time a commercial vehicle takes to the road, there are regulations set by the Department of Transportation to comply with. By utilizing our services at Onward, navigating the roads and the regulations becomes a much less daunting task.


What is a Commercial Vehicle?

DOT regulations are applied to every commercial vehicle that operates in the United States. A commercial vehicle, outside of those owned by a company, can also be defined as any of the following:

  • Transports 16 or more passengers, driver included, without compensation
  • Transports 9 or more passengers, driver included, for compensation
  • Weighs at or above 10,001 pounds
  • Or transports hazardous materials in quantities that demand a hazardous materials placard


What are DOT Requirements?

DOT regulations themselves span everywhere from hours of services to licenses and permits to vehicle inspections. Making sure that you are in compliance with all DOT regulations is an ongoing, labor intensive task that includes record keeping, random drug and alcohol tests, cargo securement, etc. Failure to comply can result in hefty fines and potentially business closure.


How Can a Fleet Management Partner Help?

However, utilizing a fleet management partner takes the guesswork and labor out of your hands. At Onward, we are familiar with DOT regulations and experienced with maintaining compliance. Our expertise can help your business to focus on what it does best, while offering the peace of mind that comes with assured compliance.