Overview of DOT Compliance

Compliance, Rules and Regulations Gears Turning

Operating a fleet involves a lot more than simply putting a driver behind the wheel of a vehicle and sending them on a route. Every time a commercial vehicle takes to the road, there are regulations set by the Department of Transportation to comply with. By utilizing our services at Onward, navigating the roads and…

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Leasing vs. Buying a Fleet Vehicle

Buying or Leasing written on dice

The decision to lease or buy your fleet of vehicles… what is better for your business? The truth is, nobody can make that decision for you. The best option for you and your business is going to be wholly dependent on your specific scenario. There are, however, pros and cons associated with both options and…

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Top 10 Benefits of a Fleet Management Partner

Fleet Trucks

Businesses across many industries utilize commercial vehicles to transport people and products every day. These vehicles are often one of the most expensive assets. Because of this, effective fleet management keeps your business running smoothly. Effective systems, processes and tools will benefit you in a number of ways. 1) Find the right vehicles for your…

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