Going Electric with Your Fleet

Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles (EVs) have been mass produced on the market since the 90s, but they are only now just gaining in popularity. Many companies have pledged to go all electric in the next 15 years, which means that more varieties of electric and hybrid vehicles are becoming available. With no end in sight for increasing fuel expenses, EVs are starting to look pretty good to the average consumer. But about fleet managers? When is the right time to transition to EVs? What steps are needed to get started?


Benefits of Electric Vehicle Fleets

Far beyond the incredible reduction of carbon emissions in the environment, there are many appealing aspects of transitioning to an electric fleet. In many cases, the overall cost of ownership of an EV or hybrid is lower than a gas vehicle. In fully electric vehicles, there are not any fuel cost, and the cost of recharging the battery is exponentially less than gas. Maintenance costs are also lower. EVs have fewer complications for the simple fact that they are less complicated vehicles. Most EVs are equipped to be digitally connected to your fleet management tracking system, helping you stay on top of your efficiencies seamlessly. And, many employees report enjoying driving fleet vehicles more because they are less noisy and don’t emit toxic exhaust fumes.


Cons of Electric Vehicle Fleets

The biggest disadvantage facing EVs is the initial cost. New EVs cost more on average than other new vehicles. But, as mentioned before, the additional expense is often absorbed in cost savings over time. There are also not many options to purchase used EVs. This is in part because they are relatively new to the market and because people tend to keep EVs longer. Range is also a limitation for EVs. While there are charging stations nationwide, charging can be time consuming and should be taken into consideration when planning fleet operations.


Are EVs Right for Your Fleet?

Deciding to go electric with your fleet is a big decision and requires careful consideration. Onward Fleet Solutions is available to help you along the way. We can help you determine the right time to go electric. With so many companies pledging to go electric in the distant future, EVs are likely inevitable at some point. But, if you are planning to upgrade soon and can afford the initial upfront cost, EV may be a great option for your fleet now. We can help you choose the right EV, with options to upfit, and connect you with the best systems for fleet management and best technicians for fleet maintenance. Plus, there are many great incentives and rebates for electric vehicles, and we can make sure you get every penny available to you.