How is Telematics Used in Fleet Management?


Q: What do you get when you combine communications, computer science, vehicular technology, and electrical engineering?

A: Telematics. 


Telematics combines several areas of expertise to ensure that your drivers are safe and your fleet is operating at maximum efficiency. Telematics plays a vital role in every stage of a fleet vehicle’s life cycle by tracking GPS location, fuel consumption, hours of use, vehicle speed and events, and driver behavior. 


How Telematics Can Save Money for Fleets

All of this data can be compiled to help your fleet management partner find ways to improve your fleet and save money. 


Fuel Savings:

Telematics track fuel usage and allow you to identify fuel management improvement opportunities and save money on growing fuel expenses. 



Many emergency repairs can be avoided with regularly scheduled maintenance – saving you time and money. Telematics allows you to track regularly scheduled maintenance needs and monitor the health and wellbeing of your fleet vehicles. 


Accident Prevention:

A telematics system provides you with data and a digital layout of how safe your drivers are, where they go, and what risks your fleet vehicles experience. Telematics can show you areas where you may be jeopardizing your compliance with federal regulation and identify safety risks and hazards. Identifying these problems in advance can help you find opportunities to avoid expensive accidents and fees.