Onward Fleet Solutions Joins Forces with Car IQ, Provides a Better Way for Fleets to Pay

OKLAHOMA CITY, November 11, 2022 – Onward Fleet Solutions and Car IQ Inc., a leading provider of vehicle payment solutions, are thrilled to announce a new partnership to make fleet management easier than ever before. Together with Car IQ Pay, Onward Fleet vehicles now have the power to pay for goods and services without the need of a credit card, enabling cars to automatically initiate and complete payments for services such as tolls, fuel, parking and more.

“We couldn’t be more excited to bring Car IQ’s innovative technology for payment and data solutions on board at Onward,” said Tim Denny, Founder & CEO of Onward Fleet Solutions. “Clients can get the true cost of vehicle fueling in real-time without driver interaction. It’s a lower cost solution with revenue-sharing opportunity for fleets as well.”

Car IQ’s partnership with Onward Fleet Solutions will allow fleet vehicles to connect directly to, and transact with, payment networks, physical infrastructures, and mobility platforms without using a credit card. The cloud-based platform ties vehicle data directly to the transaction, enabling vehicles to pay for services automatically, while also integrating existing telematics devices in the vehicle.  With Car IQ Pay, Onward Fleet Solutions will have a simplified platform that facilitates payments and supports the company’s goal of delivering solutions to support their fleets.

“We’re excited to work with Onward and help their fleets leverage more of the value a connected fleet has to offer, by getting rid of the credit card,” said Sterling Pratz, Founder & CEO of Car IQ. “Essentially what this partnership means for Onward’s clients is that they can completely eliminate the fuel card, which minimizes fraudulent expenses and misallocated vehicle expenses, saving hours of fuel card back-office management.”

Onward Fleet Solutions was launched in 2019 with a vision to be the partner that delivers more by connecting customers with full-service, customizable solutions to the needs of their fleets at every stage of the life cycle.

“At Onward, we offer a ‘best-in-class’ approach partnership to everything we provide: solutions, technology, services, and support” said Denny. “We look forward to hearing all the ways our clients save time and money by using the incredibly innovative Car IQ platform. “


About Onward Fleet Solutions

Onward Fleet Solutions is a fleet management company based in Oklahoma City that is home to experienced fleet optimizers, “best in class” industry partners, and customers ready to maximize their fleet’s potential. The “onward” mentality uses a full-service approach, proven expertise in every service area, and is committed to delivering customized solutions for fleets of all sizes. For more information please call (405) 215-9068 or visit onwardfleet.com.

About Car IQ Inc.

Car IQ® Inc. has created a payment network for cars that eliminates the need for physical credit cards and enables vehicles to connect to merchants and transact securely. Car IQ’s payment solution delivers value by reducing fraud and risk for fleets and participating merchants.  

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