Why ‘Go Onward?’ Explore Our Approach to Fleet Solutions

How to find the right fleet management company

In a recent large-scale survey, global fleet managers said they hoped to shave 5.5% from their costs this year. In the U.S., we’re finally experiencing some good news after two years of pandemic-driven uncertainty. But the fleet management landscape is ever-evolving, and reducing the cost per mile takes a nuanced, dynamic approach.

What does that mean for in-house managers hoping to optimize costs in 2023? The right partner has never been more critical.

Onward’s team is made up of former in-house fleet managers. We’ve experienced your frustrations firsthand and have designed Onward to be a different kind of fleet solutions partner — the kind that communicates closely, identifies savings proactively and ensures your fleet operations are running like a well-oiled machine. Here are some of the common pain points that in-house managers experience, paired with Onward’s solution. (Hint: There’s a reason why fleets across the country are going Onward.)

White-glove customer service

The Challenge: You can’t get a timely response to emails, and it takes your partner days to review and/or audit invoices. It feels like you’re always passed on to a new account manager. 

Onward’s Solution: We’ve experienced this frustration while managing fleets in-house, and we’ve designed every aspect of the Onward experience to come equipped with white-glove customer service. Our proven track record speaks for itself. We respond to emails in hours, not days. We prioritize every invoice, because what matters to your business matters to us. And your account manager will stay the same, allowing us to develop a strong working relationship with you as we go Onward together.

Our team is driven by accountability at every level, and part of that is being proactive with our client communications. But this proactive service extends to more than account updates and analytics reports: We continually scour your fleet program for potential cost savings and leverage our expertise to optimize your total cost of ownership (TCO). 

Fleet management experience 

The Challenge: Your partner doesn’t seem to grasp your fleet’s unique needs, and they lack an understanding of the challenges you face as an in-house manager.

Onward’s Solution: It may sound self-explanatory that your solutions partner should have fleet management experience. However, this is rarely the case — and it’s yet another way that Onward is a different kind of partner.

Onward’s leadership team has more than four decades of combined “boots on the ground” expertise as in-house fleet managers. We’ve walked in your shoes, we understand the dynamics of your role and we leverage that tangible expertise to maximize your value — whether you need proactive strategy, tactical fleet management solutions or a combination of both. 

Onward’s leadership team is also home to automotive retail and business experts. Combined with our immense fleet management experience and our partner network, we deliver an unmatched level of all-around knowledge. Our bench is stacked with A Players who can relate to every role across the fleet management ecosystem, from the driver to the CEO. We put this experience to work for our clients every day, always keeping their best interests front and center.

Progressive mindset

The Challenge: Your partner doesn’t seem to put your fleet’s needs first. Decisions are often black and white, with no customizations that reflect your operations.

Onward’s Solution: Progress is in our DNA. We take a truly customized approach to fleet management that ensures every client receives not just a tailored strategy but proven ROI. We develop best-in-class partnerships in each solution area to continually keep our clients ahead of the curve. And most importantly, we pair this progressive mindset with tangible value so that you can reap the full benefits of a forward-thinking fleet management approach. Because at Onward, we know that innovation alone isn’t enough; it also has to lower our clients’ TCO.

What else is progressive about Onward? Our pricing transparency. We’ve designed our proposals and invoices to be crystal clear — no surprises or fine print. And if you do have a question, our strong customer service ensures that you get the timely clarifications you deserve. 

Seamless onboarding 

The Challenge: You know you’re not deriving maximum value from your current fleet partner. But with so many day-to-day responsibilities on your plate, switching to a new fleet solutions company feels like a Herculean effort. 

Onward’s Solution: We’ve designed a seamless onboarding process that ensures you can start reaping the benefits of going Onward immediately. Our system also minimizes unnecessary time from our clients, because we know how many critical tasks are on their plate every day. You won’t find this smooth onboarding process anywhere else, and our clients can attest to how easy it makes the transition. We hit the ground running getting to know your fleet. Then, we begin identifying cost savings within days, not weeks.

From best-in-class customer service to unmatched expertise, our customers experience a level of value only possible with Onward. Let’s talk about your fleet’s challenges and how Onward can help.