The ABCs of Fleet Remarketing

Remarketing Fleet Vehicles

What happens when a fleet vehicle reaches the end of its service life? Are you prepared to make the most of your investment when that time comes? We’ve outlined some key take-aways to help you prepare to remarket your fleet assets, when the time comes.

Advanced Planning

Success is where preparation meets opportunity. You put a lot of time, money and personnel resources into fleet maintenance. Establishing a plan before your fleet vehicles drive their last mile can prevent wasted resources later down the road. After all, a primary goal of fleet management is to reduce your total cost of ownership (TCO). Fuel programs, OEM discounts for vehicle acquisition, maintenance partnerships and asset management can all help reduce TCO. When taken together, these strategies can have a significant impact on your business financial wellness. But one of the biggest drivers for profit creation, and a lower TCO, is undoubtedly remarketing.

Buyer Resources

With a solid plan in place, you will have plenty of potential buyers for your fleet when it’s time to remarket. Buyers may include drivers, other clients, or third-party programs. We can help you find the right buyer, at the right price.

Channel Surfing

No, we don’t mean on TV. There are many ways to sell a vehicle, but knowing the best channel for your fleet can help you make more money. We can help connect you with buyers on the web, auctions, dealerships and more.

Are your wheels turning? By managing all the stages in your fleet lifecycle—from acquisition through remarketing—a full-service partner can help you identify key optimizations that drive up your assets’ sale prices down the line. With a single partner executing all essential management functions, no area of your asset’s value gets overlooked or left behind. Give us a call so we can help start planning for your fleet today.